its about time !!

You may wonder what an earth the image has to do with what I am about to express? well its doesn’t really only that its a style I have adopted in lockdown. Putting on music I like and letting the movement, emotion express itself though me, the beginning is done with my eyes closed then after awhile I open up my eyes and go with the flow. This was a strange one, I had my music library on random and this one came up, an instrumental of course, not so keen on words although there are some, Its a Plaid Album, Double Figure, the tracks New Family and Eyen. Now the name feels kind of cosy, but what came out is rather bleak, a row of naked trees, bashed and battered by the winds, probably for decades they have been standing sentinel to our lives, never moving, forever watching and just getting on with is business. Just as in lockdown really, nature just blossomed, it was so uplifting.

Every day since the Covid issue came into our lives, I have been going to keep a record on here or at least in my journal. Well every time I sat down to do it, the words would not come, I couldn’t seem to describe just what was going on, the emotions were there but how to describe seemed beyond me, so now I think its about time I said something !

For me and for everyone else I imagine, a whole gamut of feelings filled my head from disbelief at how the government were/ are handling this, to sadness for the people who have just been overlooked, millions who have suffered for not fitting into the criteria for financial support or just neglected as in the case of disabled people, people with mental health issues and the elderly, told that services were not running due to Covid 19. At a time when stress and anxiety levels were going through the roof, there was nobody there to help them. What kind of compassionate caring society are we? Doesn’t the government realise that not everyone has a family / parents to look out for them. It would appear if you cannot take responsibility for yourself, usually the most vulnerable in society who struggle, you are worthless and the neglect shown says it all. Prices are rising, redundancies are now growing and we are being pushed to keep buying and bribed with vouchers to go and eat out in restaurants.

I feel we have been manipulated by this government, misled at every turn, Yes it was good the chancellor came up with the furlough scheme, but its seems obvious now that it was to protect big business, the ones who already rake it in at the expense of the workers on low salaries, not the self employed or the small business owners who are urged by accountants to become company directors and only take dividends, they were left with nothing. A small percentage was eventually paid after a lot of pressure to self employed based on profits on tax returns, but only one payment in June so far. Now there are many people being made redundant, and forced to take redundancy based on the reduced furlough payments. Even worse many big companies chains in the hospitality trade are now pocketing the reduced VAT instead of passing it on the customer. When businesses fail and many will in the coming months, it will be the elites, the traders, banks and corporations that will descend like vultures, pick over the bones , buy them up for next to nothing and make millions when the stocks rise. Its obscene, slavery has not stopped its just in a different context.

We are being told outright lies, from statistics, PPE, government contracts handed to the elites and their private corporations without any tendering process, ie Serco who has been carrying out Covid testing very badly, PPE sourcing and among other things runs privately owned detention centres in the UK, and who is the CEO? Rupert Soames grandson of Winston Churchill. Even when the government are called out over it, they ride roughshod over anyone who questions them. The press are chosen to attend briefings and many newspapers are not invited at all. There is something more going on here than just Covid, I feel uncomfortable and uneasy. This is not a world I want to be part of.

The lockdown has been ok really, I have been unwell just before lockdown, my energy sapped to nothing but I never feared for my life, took precautions like everyone else and my garden, connection with nature and my creativity have kept me afloat. Of course I have concerns for the future, my adult children and how their lives are being affected and of course the children being born now, what kind of world will they be inheriting? What is around the corner? Planetary alignment for the next couple of years are very turbulent.

Apart from all this though I do have hope, I see younger people wanting something different, caring about what they eat, exercise, health issues and green policies. I am sure with the young minds in research and sciences, engineering and so on they will find ways to keep our planet greener, bring laws into being that will put the earth first before profits, and the health and wellbeing of the nation will be the new way to measure the country and not by GDP. The young minds will find new sustainable green fuels at no profit / low cost that are run for the nation so that everyone can keep warm and eat in this harsh world we live in right now. I hope upon hope that these past months have helped people to see that the capitalist system is unsustainable, really see what is happening to the world, we cannot sit by any longer and what the corporations rape the earth and spew gallons of toxic waste and oil into our rivers and oceans. We cannot keep buying and choking the planet with our waste, it has to stop I only hope I live long enough to see this change happen

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