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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting   “The Creatve Self”

Mmmmm, most important is I am mother of two beautiful children, all grown up now but they mean the world to me.

What else, lets see…………………………………..  I am an EX INTERIOR DESIGNER and ARTIST and very fortunate to combine all my talents working with many different and diverse clients over the years.

What has bought me to this point in my life?  A rich and diverse journey, many, many different experiences have woven themselves into a richly coloured tapestry, full of love,  creativity, joy and a passion for life.

I find the world around me exciting, filled with beauty and one that supports me in every way.

My creativity keeps me travelling a very diverse and varied journey, creating interiors, cutting paper, paper sculptures, photography, painting and sketching, making jewellery and more. Many of my works have been sold  but pieces can be commissioned    You can see much of my work here on this site on flickr and pinterest

I have run a successful Interior design company for nearly 30 years but IDC has now gone  !!!  Hallelujah, I made the decision to spend all my time creating for myself, its absolute bliss and thoroughly recommend to anyone who is  thinking of retiring DO IT !!!

So thats me in a nutshell !!   look through my pages and see for yourself……….

5 thoughts on “a little about me

  1. Hi Carol, love your blog, beautiful art work and thank you for posting the lalique photos, awesome! I love wordpress, just set up a page myself but i havent had time to get it going yet….youve really made good use of it here. love rosalind xxx

  2. Carol,
    It is so wonderful to meet you! : )
    I am honored that you enjoy my paper cut sculptures!
    I love your blog, and your work!
    La Donna
    (La Donna Papercutting)

  3. Carol: I am currently researching your Swindlehurst ancestors along with a direct descendant of your branch. Know you were trying to find out more about Ada Peters and Arthur Henry Swindlehurst a few years back and think we can tell you more now.
    Please do contact me via e-mail address below if still of interest

  4. Emerging Visions visionary art ezine #15, Shifting Perceptions ~ still awaits you
    and all strict and sure
    rearranged in light-swift display
    hues of the every day
    bending, twisting, flying
    Leaping into play


    share and enjoy as you scroll down to the Submission Guidelines (below the Contributors’ page)

    Then, Share your visions to commingle into a fine fruition of

    Peaceful Co-Creating – Emerging Visions visionary art ezine #16

    send your submission to me by early October

    have fun~

    make it happen…


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