two birds with one stone

A visit to a supplier in oxfordshire turned out to be a very interesting day indeed, after discussing the nips and tucks of bounteous quantities of upholstery details, we then settled on a bite of lunch somewhere before the long drive home.  Driving along the sign ‘Kelmscott Manor” came into view and went sailing past it before thinking “hold up ! wait a minute, lets go visit……….

Turned out to be a very thought provoking and inspiring afternoon.  We have on our books a Tudor Gothic victorian property and an arts and crafts inspired building, both needing IDC’s creative touch.  Kelmscott was William Morris summer home from around 1871 until his death in 1896.  A charming place with orignal textiles, furniture and a charming garden.  A huge mulberry tree laden with fruit took centre stage, the very same tree that William and Jane plucked the juicy fruit.  There is even a paint box, full of squeezed and dusty paint tubes that belonged to Rossetti.




7 days of freedom

Holiday, something I have been waiting for since christmas !!  At last 7 days to exactly what I want, no meeting to attend, no deadlines to meet,  just time for to whatever I please.  Harlaxton Manor beckoned,  there it was standing very majestically at the top of a long climbing drive, quite magnificent, but oh so  disappointing inside.  Have never seen an interior so over the top, overblown, Mr Gregory Gregory certainly did not know the word subtle ! a mixture of elizabethan and baroque architecture that seems far larger than human scale.

Not my most favourite place, I have to say


Ornamented Columns

Wow, these columns are just amazing………

The project “grew out of a previous project, the ‘Platonic Solids’, that also used subdivision processes to generate complex forms,” he explains. However, while the Platonic Solids remained just a computer project, the Ornamented columns “were designed from the start with a full-scale fabrication in mind”.  For Michael Hansmeyer, the use of groundbreaking technology is an important part of his work he says. Merging technology and algorithms and by using just a simple input like the Doric column he produces columns made out of 16 million facets whose texture is exquisite and which resemble sculptural objects. In explaining why he chose the Doric column as an input he says that he chose so since its order arguably contains less geometric information than the other orders. “As an input, it contains significant information about the form to be generated without over-specifying and thus restricting the output.”

Ornamented Columns by Michael Hansmeyer | Yatzer™.

A man who builds with sun, rain and shadows

Max Levy – Architect and creative genius.  Now this is what I call my kinda man, he creates with the elements,  sun, wind  and rain are are important to him, if not more than than the physical materials he uses.  He knows how important space is ,  the interaction with form, sun and shadow, he literally  paints surfaces with shadows.  A genius.  Please take time to watch the opening video on his site whee you can see him talking about how he works.

moon talk, lashes and jacques renault

Oh wow, the moon last night was so ………………  Oh I dont know,  guess enriching, so full of hope.  it was a perfect end to a perfect day.  My music full on and my body  pulsating to the beats of Jaaques Renault: a brooklyn based DJ his enlivening dance punk ( so wish I could share here but the music thing just cannot get to grips with on wokdpress, anyone out there have the answer?)  tunes just take me to another level.    As I looked out of the windscreen there in front of me, sharing my journey home was the magnificent moon, lying on her back in a perfect crescent, she was so open and giving, and full of so much energy to strive forward.

The moon reminded me of howling wolves, in fact that image was the backdrop to Natasha Khan ( bat for lashes) performance that I had just been to see.  Enjoyable, not the most amazing gig I have seen but it was upbeat and fun.  At the end she reformed with a string quartet and sang some of her fave songs………….  good stuff.

The nicest thing  of all was the venue, the amazing art deco architecture of the De La Warr Pavillion and its amazing helix staircase.

click here to view more images info about the building