we must let go of the life we have planned


Control seemed a useful tool; it helped to make sure that ones expected plans, outcomes, would come into reality.  Well you might think, that’s a good thing isn’t it? Is it?  Lets think about this a little more.

If we use control, our will, to shape an expectation, to bring about a thought form and make it tangible, how do we know the form we are shaping is not coming   from our distorted vision of our world?   If we control our outcomes, grasping at a fixed vision then we become so blinkered we can miss little indicators on the way that may have lead us to something more meaningful and fulfilling from entering our world.  Forcing our will to create takes a massive amount of energy, it can be very draining and we end up struggling when we reach a negative force, we start to battle, it can become a war as we fight to achieve our goals.

With Blinkers on we don’t listen to the biggest gift of all, our intuitive nature, our connection to the universal energy that supports us in every way.  We all have an instinctual gift to share in our world, a souls purpose. Some of us know this clearly and have learnt to separate out and know the difference between, what we think this should be, often through expectation of others projected upon us and what we know to be our own true journey, a hero’s journey, full of joy and passion for life.  For some it’s not so clear, but know they are being pulled along by an invisible thread to something much greater than is known to them at this time.

Dream courageously, let go of the outcome, drop the will, the control accept “what is” and allow life to unfold every second, every minute, living fully in the present with an ear tuned into the intuitive side of our nature, our feminine attributes, allows us to follow our hearts, to flow gracefully in the river of life, no struggle, no battles, just a serene unfolding that can take us to the wonderful life that is waiting for us.

A smaller example of what I mean.  I had an idea in my mind that I would be breakfasting with a friend in the park this morning followed by a nice walk, but it didn’t work out.   This meant a big hole opened in my day, and out came some pastels.  I decided to create myself in image, not particularly for the finished article but the healing process that expressing from the heart can have upon our soul, my heart in particular is in question at the moment so I wanted to express the warmth and the life giving force a healthy heart can manifest in ones life. Just going with the flow allowed me to create this day, feels very good

The Joyous Body – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

The Joyous Body: Part Three of “The Dangerous Old Woman”

live broadcasts by CPE on Sounds True

“It is the nature of the saplings to quake in the winds; hesitant, learning to hold their own places. But, the older trees, with their years of testing and being tested, they are the ones who, whether in the long stern winds or misty gales, sway the most. Less a bouquet of tentative trembling first-time buds, now much more the leaf-perfumed hips of a hundred wide women dancing—these old ones, regardless of form, sway, by heart, to the music that thunders through them.”
—Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD


The Joyous Body – Clarissa Pinkola Estés.


Who is the protector of this Precious Being who is my body?


Who is the one charged with guarding and protecting the Life Spark in this Radiant Being’s eyes?


Who promised to watch over to the best of her ability?


Who promised to overcome the inertia taught by a large part of the over-culture…


that once you are struggling, you must remain so, and only so.


Who is the heroine of this mysterious, often perilous and sometimes triumphant mythical life of mine?


It is me…

and Creator,

and …any stalwart soul

who joins me in love,

who blesses down hard

for the strength and longevity

the very prosperity

of my body, of our bodies….

whomsoever and in whatever shape

or condition, those dear ‘blessing people’

–or I– may be.



Today annihilates yesterday.  The person who went to sleep last night no longer exists.  But we to cling to the idea that we have a personal history, a past, and this this is our identity.  We can only ever be what we are in the moment.  When we cross a stream the water rushes past underneath us, when we cross that stream again, its not the same stream, its not the same water, that has long gone down stream on its journey to the sea.

Don Antonio


The Universal Mother

Pachamamma. 2058

Every day, since the beginning of time, the earth, the wondrous mother earth has supported us. Under our feet every moment of our lives,  she is here to provide for us. The moist magical blood of the mother, the feminine energies that swell and give birth to abundance on this planet. Wonderful Pachamama.

The Divine mother comes in many guises, in Greece for example, DEMETER, mother of Persephone, tall in stature, full hipped, wide shouldered, swollen breasts always full of milk, the milky way is said to flow through her ……….  as she walks the earth flowers spring from her footprints, she is the bringer of the seasons.  

In Egypt, ISIS, she who gives birth to the heaven and earth, the Queen of the heavens, Mother of the gods, the light giver of heavens and she who knows how to make right use of the heart.

In Roman history she was known as CERES. in the Andean communities she is knows as PACHAMAMA, 

This detail is from a much larger painting in homage to her.


Moon Meditation

A beautiful meditation to call in the moon


Catch the building wave of the waxing moon to provide momentum for new projects, initiatives and life passions.

Draw upon the power of the Full Moon to bring Creative force to actualization

Allow the Waning Moon to support the process of surrender and release at the end of each cycle

Embrace the stillness of the Dark Moon to reflect and recharge


Take three deep breaths ~ breathing in stillness, breathing out tension.  Relax.  You are here to open to the magical blessings of the Moon.  Focus on your intention for a moment, and then release it.

Connect to the silver-liquid light pouring down from the Moon.  It is a river of radiance flowing down upon you, streaming into your crown chakra at the top of your head, flowing over your skin, infusing your aura with silver energy.  Allow the energy in your crown to flow down into your head & into your Third Eye chakra, to your throat chakra spilling down your arms with radiant light, into your heart, your solar plexus, deep into your sacral chakra flowing down your leg & to your root at the base of your spine … allow the energy to flow through you & down into the Earth again in a continuous stream.  It may help to say quietly to yourself:

I am a vessel of moonlight … 

I am one with the moonlight …

I am the moonlight … 

I am the Moon Mother …

Be present with the energies of the Moon for as long as you like. When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your body.  Bring your breath fully into your body, and release your breath into the Earth.  Be aware of any sensations or experiences in your body, in your heart, in your mind.  Ground by placing your hands or body on the ground & allowing Mother Earth to absorb any excess energies.

Thank the Moon for sharing her blessings with you.

Catch the building wave of the waxing moon to provide momentum for new projects, initiatives and life passions.

Draw upon the power of the Full Moon to bring Creative force to actualization

Allow the Waning Moon to support the process of surrender and release at the end of each cycle

Embrace the stillness of the Dark Moon to reflect and recharge


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