soho moho

MMmm friday I found my sitting in the Soho Hotel (click to see location) sipping my favourite drink MOJITO.  I have drunk this drink in various places around the world but never in its birthplace, Cuba. I have to say Fridays drink took some beating, it was long, packed with crushed mint , sour sweet taste of the lime and  sugar cane juice, and the deep tang or rum, delicious and oh so potent. My friend and I sipped, and sipped, giggled a little, laughed and chatted, until we then decided to travel to Brazil !! and try their lime infused cocktail, a Caipirinha.  Yummy, laughed a lot, by that time feeling a little wobbly!  delicous though, we had another…………………


Mojito recipe

good amount of mint leaves

a lime cut into quarters, save one for decoration

sugar cane juice or sugar syrup

Havana Club 3 yr rum

Crushed ice

Club soda

Put 3 wedges of lime and and 12-14 fresh mint into the bottom of a tall glass, and crush with a wooden muddle (wooden stick) and pulverise the lime and mint together, releasing the lime essential oils and bruising the mint leaves to give off a rich aroma.  

Fill the glass 3/4 full with crushed ice, add 2 tbspns sugar cane juice of sugar syrup and 2 ozs rum.  then top up the glass with soda water…………..  put on some good cuban dance beats and sip away !!≈

Image chosen for Amsterdam guide

red-table1wow, a first.  An image from my flickr was chosen to appear in a tourist guide for  Amsterdam.  Went there for a cool weekend with my dear friend Pete.  Spent the day viewing Andy warhol exhibition.  He has to be one of my all time inspirations in more ways than one, film footage, photography, imagery of all kinds, it just kept coming……one cool dude.  This exhibition is now on at the southbank, click image to go to website.  Lady with bushy hairdo is me! 


food aviation

me, I eat with my eyes, what do you eat with?  not only does it have to taste good but it has to be a visual pleasure and delectable  Thats the trouble with designers, sometimes the need for perfection can go just a little too far.  

just yesterday ventured down to Farnborough in Hampshire, not the usual place for gourmet delights, but a little research required for a project I am working on, emergency lighting would you believe!!  The newly opened Aviator Hotel the venue, so thought I would sample the restaurant while I was there. 

Food was excellent and I thoroughly recommend it, not only did it get the taste buds rocking it looked a treat in more ways than one.