Shaved beets

tonight’s dinner was a real feast to the eye, so much so that I just had to take a photo !!  It tasted just as good as it looked, with shaved beetroot, apple, carrot, cucumber and courgette with mustard and lemon vinaigrette and after the photo I added toasted cashews. For me to enjoy my food it has to look nice too, I eat with my eyes………….    I have been growing courgettes and french bean in huge pots outside my office,  pleasantly surprised at how prolific these have been.


The Invisible Mother

I came across the site Retronaut  this morning, courtesy of Remodelista.  It’s an amazing site…………… and came across the following.

Completely enthralled by the concept of the Victorian practice of the “invisible mother”  I realise it was set up this way so that the babies and children were able to be supported through the long exposure times.  HOwever I couldn’t help thinking of the mother, it’s just bizarre to be there so obviously, but “hidden” under a cloth.  What is this saying about how the photographer, most likely male, is seeing the role of a woman in Victorian society?  Seems like it didn’t count for much…………….

The Invisible Mother | Retronaut.

today’s creativity

I see this as a wondrous tree spirit, both masculine and feminine, wise, loving and full of playfulness.  How did I do this?  it started of as two image, one, a picture of a very ancient tree and two, a pencil sketch that I drew yesterday of the sacred serpent entwining itself around a spirit body.  Today I played around with them digitally and had some fun, and this is the result.  My day started very early, up and awake at 5am.  Creative juices were flowing and I just had to act on them………..   you know how it is !!