absorbing the energy of the sea

The Secret Life of Waves – waves are not water they are pure energy passing through water and by the law of the universe, energy never dies……….

watch this documentary here on iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/search?q=the%20secret%20of%20waves

Port Eynon – Gower Peninsula.   a wonderful weekend walking by the sea, so invigorating, after watching the The Secret Life of Waves I now understand why I am so drawn to the sea.

Walking to the Worms Head, looking down onto Rossili Bay on a very wild and windy day.

The Gower Peninsula, Wales,  A wonderful weekend  with the ones I love

A walk down memory lane

One glance, one glimpse of the colour, the lettering and you are there, a real walk down memory lane.  Household names, happy memories, childhood treats, childhood games, it all comes flooding back…………..  Nor sure if I want it to really, its all so long ago, but I have to say these packages bought back happy memories.  When I would be sent up the corner shop to buy 2 eggs, not 12….. and sugar weighed out exactly to your need, 2 ozs and in a thick blue paper bag.  A cup of hot bovril was my favourite, sweet things made me feel sick,  when I came in from the cold and snow with freezing cold soggy mittens. .  My grandmother would come and cook  us syrup sponge pudding sometimes on a sunday, and bring biscuits with iced animals on.  Mum  always baked a pie, apple mostly with birds custard r and it was my job to mix the powder, some sugar and milk together in readyness for mum to pour on the hot milk……….. Yuk custard, blancmange, rice and set egg custard, jelly, ice cream  to me were absolutely revolting, but nonetheless all this still makes me smile.

natures wonders

Isn’t this just amazing, such beautiful colours, soft gauzy almost felted wool like texture.  And all this is mould.  Been a busy week, not eaten at home at all much this week, and today I went into the kitchen to have sardines on toast for my lunch……..  my organic rye and sunflower seed bread had grown these amazing “flower” like mould pattern all over it.    Have done some quick research as I doesn’t look the the blue/grey mould that normally appears on stale bread.  It seems this is a penicillin type mould and grows in moist conditions.  My rye bread is kept in a large glass container with a tight lid, guess in the heat the moisture in the bread  grew warm and these marvellous shapes appeared.

King of the castle

I took this image some weeks ago of a friend of mine, he is on this thing about wabbits, even started a facebook group about them………..    I look a this now and that saying KING OF THE CASTLE springs to mind.  Someone who has reached the pinnacl, above everyone, the boss, the leader………    Well I am a boss, I have been driven to succeed, it can be lonely up there and not sure if being the “king” of the castle was all that it was cracked up to be.    Guess I thought to achieve financial success was going to be answer to my own feelings of insecurity, that if I had lots of money behind me I would safe.     I can tell you now, feeling secure does not come by having tons of money in the bank,   money can give you more freedom of choice but it cant fill that “black hole” that for some of us has been there since childhood.   Abundance is a frame of mind, its about feeling there is alway enough, always enough to meet ones needs.  With these thoughts life just flows, wherever one finds themselves, at the bottom of the hill or the top, its just as it should be.


Click on the image to see much larger  format

something quite disturbing when I look at this image.  “Derek Bird” came to mind, a placid friendly family man on the surface, the face put out to the world on a daily basis, the other hidden from world, full of anger, rage and fury that drove him on  a murderous shooting spree………….  Why, what happened?  Underneath the surface something was boiling and raging and it spilt over into uncontrollable rage killing 13 people.   I find it hard to believe that nobody could believe it of him,  you cant hold all this in without it  leaking out somewhere.   In time, looking back, its more than likely people will see in retrspect the tell tale signs and will begin to put all the pieces of jigsaw back into position…………..

Image was created  from  a photgraph of exposed tree roots taken in Yorkshire.  I duplicated and flipped the layer, then  joined it together on photoshop.  Low and behold this face appeared, I  added the eyes, and tweaked a little but the face is very clear to see.


Friday, thanks goodness its Friday, I do not know why I fee quite like this as my week only started in earnest on Wednesday due to being stranded in Malta due to Volcanic Ash.  Its been full on though, juggling budgets and working with spreadsheets……….  But tonight, it was glorious, a walk along the seashore as the sun was going down.  Normans Bay to be precise…..  images taken with my iphone.

Pleased to see me

Oh its lovely to go away but its doubly nice to get home !!  One person very pleased to see me was my dear Lilly, my friend for 14 years. She is a lilac point Persian, very fluffy, talks a lot and has fabulous china blue eyes.

Up until last June she had a wonderful companion Ferdy, I bought them together, two little balls of fluff………  sadly Ferdy passed away last year leaving Lilly quite sad, she misses him.  Right now she is lying next to me purring her little head off!!

Wherever my journey takes me it always returns here

The Human Form is where my expression starts and begins………..  its my inspiration, the shape that flows from my pencil, pen, brush, the shape I want to photograph.  I took these images in the Victoria and Albert Museum, I just love the one above, the curve and strength of his back curving down into his buttocks , so beautiful.  The lower one is of Apollo, quite gruesome really, he is skinning alive, Marsalays for losing a music competition, bit severe, but a beautiful statue nonetheless


The coral seems to have taken on a new identity that of heavily encrusted imperial robes of the chinese dynaties,   I love the vibrational levels of  chinese yellow and with the addition or red the levels increase in intensity.  Puts me in mind of the films like “The last emperor”  and “Raise the Red Lantern”  a real feast for the eyes.  This image has come along way from its routes, a piece of red coral in Paris…………..

Little old me

Little old me at Mitchell’s Fold, shopshire, taken by Yao http://www.flickr.com/photos/36583577@N06/

The Bronze Age  stone circle here is far from complete, I read there may have been up to 60 stones altogether.  The tallest stone stands a the south eastern side of the major axis of the circle, in line with the  rising moon…………..  What a setting, so beautiful and expansive.  It was a cold and very windy day but oh so very exhillerating.  However when back in the car all our ears were really painful as they began to warm up!!

At this size I look like one of the stones !!