twice along the front, tea, twombly and In the Realms of Others………….

IMG_6881Bracing, crashing, brooding waves, a huge undulating swell and boiling, bubbling breaking high up on the beach.

Came out for a breath of fresh air, stretch my legs and walk off all the goodies I have been tucking away these last christmas days

Bexhill, De La Warr Pavillon  is exhibiting  Cy Twombly’s  four seasons, on loan from Tate,  I did see them way back 10 or more years and the  impact on me was just the same…………….  do they resonate with me, No.  Do they take my breath away, No.  Do I like them, Yes. They are large and impactful, you  can definitely see the elements.  Was I bowled over, No.

There was another exhibition here too, IN THE REALMS OF OTHERS, work produced by fourteen “makers “with profound intellectual impairment .  For me I found this really challenging, even the description of the people.   S really uncomfortable place watching a short film of a kind of day in the life of making the art.  In fact ART PROJECTS do not call the works produced “art “OR do they call the people involved “artists”.  All felt very voyeuristic like I was watching something very close and personal without their permission.  Yes the people involved appeared to enjoy the mark making, so yes this was very positive and clear to see.  Also the pieces were strong and colourful and graphic in feel. But try as I might the uncomfortableness would not shift and when I reached the end, there was a wall of questions, statements by the public to gather up subjects for further discussion, many felt what I had felt, and that made me feel I was not alone in these thoughts.

I realised today that the pavilion in its original design had a circular swimming pool and a long jetty out to sea where you would walk to the end and climb to the top of high platforms where you could dive elegantly into the english channel.  Another thing I learnt that Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey Sackville, 9th Earl De La Warr  , was the first hereditary peer to join the labour Party and the  youngest government minister at age 23.  If it wasn’t for his his socialist views we wouldn’t have this beautiful pavilion built for the people of Bexhill where he was Mayor

IMG_6861IMG_6863 IMG_6865


Blue and green, sunshine and flowers

calming, tranquil, peaceful, my third time back in Cephalonia.  One week southwards in Spartia, beautiful countryside, vineyards, monasteries and such friendly people.  Now in the Northern tip of the island, magnificent vistas across to Ithaca and Lefkas, turquoise seas and the bluest of blue skies, forests, shady walks amongst the pines, birdsong around every corner…………

Larger than life


Interesting place Watts Gallery, visited recently on a lovely sunny afternoon……………  Left feeling very uplifted and inspired,  not only from his painting but overwhelmingly by his larger than life plaster maquettes in the sculpture gallery as seen here.   However looking at these images again, and of the gallery itself, thoughts filtered through of   Watts himself and what he built here.  A large arts and crafts country home away from London life, an art studio of enormous proportions, an art gallery specifically built to display his own works of art and a sculpture studio for his larger than life pieces.   An eminent artist of his time, and held in high esteem in his lifetime, did it perhaps swell his ego?    Look at the image of him putting the final touches to one of the largest “selfies”  I have ever seen.

Actually went to see the painting of Ellen Terry by various artists, but some really wonderful intimate pencil sketches from the time he was married to her.  She was one week off her 17th birthday, he 30 years her senior !  She was soon to elope with E.W Godwin the architect…………..  good for her I say !!

IMG_4904 IMG_4893 - Version 2 IMG_4899 IMG_4893 - Version 2 IMG_4912 IMG_4916 IMG_4915 IMG_4903















A day of contrasts

sunday a day to relax and put my feet up…………..  Well that is most Sundays, but yesterday it was full, very full ! and very diverse experiences.

BRASSERIE ZEDEL–  a lavishly decorated 1930;s space, a former grand ballroom, marble adorns the walls and columns , gold leaf acanthus leaves. In fact the whole lower level area contained the American Bar, a dark , warm and inviting space, and the Crazy Coqs, a cabaret venue.    First though  it was two Mr Hyde Cocktails, served up in old style champagne glasses, it was rich with creme de Cacao and light with whisked egg white, quite something actually……..  looking around, the bar certainly looked good with its 30’s style lighting, mirrored shelves and the pretty boy bartender doing a mean dance with his cocktail shaker.   Then moving on walked across the hallway and into the lavishly decorated French Brasserie, a bit brightly lit for my liking, but its a grand space alright, full to the brim with chattering heads.  Looking at the menu I can see why, it’s so cheap !  Anyhow sitting there with my spanish friend extolling the virtues of the spanish language and not allowing me to get a word in  edgeways, my thoughts drifted off to earlier in the day……….. a place so totally different in every way.

when the train reached London, I took cab to the  WALLACE COLLECTION in Manchester Square,  where I met my wonderful family of friends and spent 4 hours sharing our experiences of life, especially as we near the Solstice and the amazing planetary alignments that are taking shape.  The food was a little disappointing, no actually a LOT disappointing and not how I remembered it at all the last time I visited.  However the space is wonderful, a glass roofed courtyard in the centre of the museum, flooded with light, its airy and spacious. and quite a contrast from the lavishly decorated furniture galleries that surround it.   Although full it was quiet, relaxed and good place to be with friends.  I recommend it, but perhaps afternoon tea maybe more appropriate and then a stroll around the galleries.  This museum is home to many a famous painting, the wonderfully whimsical Fragonard – The Swing. and even The Laughing Cavalier ! !!

although a lovely day connecting with friends, it was oh so good to get home …………………


zedel-bar-americainBrasserieZedel_04-580x386!wallace restaurant

Fragonard -  the swing




The Calm after the Storm

Home at last, back in the calm of my newly decorated bedroom!  Long story for another time, energy lines, changing bed around, dark blue !!

The last couple of weeks have been away installing a project in the Derbyshire Hills, extremely hectic, exhausting  but in the end quite exhilarating when you look around and see the vision I have been holding for such a long time come to fruition

Such a beautiful area Derbyshire,  this last weekend relaxed a little at the Riverside Hotel in Ashford in the Water, such a picturesque village, with its little stone bridge, church and cottages.

My work, courtesy of Yao photography

Ashford in the Water