Creativity comes in many guises.  First off I create full time in my day job as an interior designer (Inside Design Co) .  These projects are large and one can take up to 3 years to come to fruition and takes up much of my time.  Visualing space, working with architects to ensure the interior architecture reflects the images I have in my head is where it begins, then a long co=ordinated process brings us to the point of actually choosing and specifying all the details in readiness for the procurement stage and then the installation.   This is when I get to see exactly the vision I had in my head at the initiial stages match.  It is extremely fulfilling to see it all come together but it is never a real surprise as I have been walking in the virtual reality I carry around in my head that runs all the time !

This fountain of creativity wells up and oozes into many other areas too, painting, writing. paper sculpture, jewellery, making clothes, growing vegetables, making food and so much more and you can see some of them in more detail here.

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