A foody through and through

What has food to do with creativity you may ask?  Well I believe we eat with our eyes as well as our mouth, so colour and texture are on the top of the list when putting together a menu !    So as well as the dish tasting good it has to look equally as good when its taken to the table.  I am not a vegetarian, but adore vegetable dishes, they are just so wonderfully colourful.

Also bringing about plant life through planting a seed, nurturing and tending the plant until it bears fruit is nothing short of a miracle, so to me bring something into being is a very creative pursuit.

I like sowing seeds and growing food too!  Some years are better than others.  I used to have an allotment but now grow in huge great pots outside my office.  which is situated in the old gardners cottage which is adjacent to the stables of the old house, now converted into garages.  Some years are definitely better than others that is for sure, and this year I went to Greece earlier than usual and the timings were all wrong so nothing this year so far.  Probably too late now but hey ho, there is always next year.  I shall miss all the goodies, they look so beautiful when they are growing and its so therapuetic, handling the plants each day.

Morrocan and Middle Eastern food is a huge favourite of mine, Although in recent years  lamb and almost beef has dropped of my menu.  I cannot bear the thought that I am putting a baby lamb in the oven to roast or a long slow cook in my large cooking pot! its horrific

One of my all time favourite cookbooks is now very old, Robert Carriers “Taste of Morrocco”  published in 1987.  All the Claudia Roden books are great and some of these date back to the late 80’s too.  Then of course Ottolenghi and Honey Restaurant cook book, mouth is watering just mentioning them all !!   I am definitely a savoury cook, baking and desserts don’t really interest me, and I also have a daughter who is a brilliant baker and makes a mean orange and pistachio cake, all sticky with fresh orange syrup.

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