Well I always thought acrylic was a medium that tried to emulate oils but didn’t quite make it and saw it as a poor relation,  I guess I still hold that premise but I do see advantages over oil in some processes.

For those situations where time is restricted or location make their demands I use acrylic to paint but mostly end up frustrated.  I imagine its because I have not yet developed a style where their attributes are enhanced and still work with acrylic as if it were oil.  Message to myself I need to spend more time developing an acrylic painting style and stop seeing it as a substitute.

Mainly  I use acrylic gesso to prime my canvasses and boards  and then use acrylic paint to tint the gesso to make a coloured ground.  I prepare value sketches and block in on larger paintings and then finish the painting in oils.  I also use as an underpainting for my pastels, for this I use Golden High flow acrylics so the “Uart” sanded paper  I use doesn’t get clogged up with the buttery heavy body style traditional acrylics.

The biggest advantage is drying time and the way you can use a myriad mediums to create texture and finish.   The biggest disadvantage is the finish and can look very plastic, especially when used thickly even more so.   When painted directly from tube paint with standard gloss or matt medium, it looks good when you lay the brush mark down, but when the water evaporates as the acrylic dries the paint seems to sink back on to the canvas and everything is very flat, so you end up have various tubes of mediums and gels to make it behave like oils.  There is also a colour shift as it dries.

In the main I use Golden Acrylics, mainly heavy body, but I also use “high flow ” which used on their own have some similarity to water colours and can be used with brush, pen and can be sprayed.





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