flowers, I adore them

Flowers I just love to own them, photograph them, grow them, draw them, paint them and even make them out of paper.   They are miracles, to plant a shrivelled up dry skinned bulb in the ground and watch it several months later throw its growth  up through the soil with gusto, gets me every time.  Watching the buds swell atop the bright green stems and then they burst open in a riot of colours is really magical.  The aroma of a perfect old fashioned quatrefoil rose is my favourite perfume and have been wearing such for a very long time.  Love them when they are tight in bud and then how they unfurl into a myriad of petals each one holding so much beauty, Love them all, orchids, sweet peas, tulips, daffodils,  stocks, peonies, nasturtiums, all flowers.

If you want to see a miracle happen fairly quickly, in a matter of a few weeks, then plant and Amaryllis bulb in the late Autumn and watch it take off and unfurl into the most magnificent of blooms

The following I have grown, have bought, sketched, photographed,sculpted and so on, even sprinkled them on salads !!

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