Inside Design Co

Designing interiors has been a large part of my life, first refurbishing our family homes over the years and then almost 30 years ago now I started my own interior design company. I have been lucky enough to have worked with  with many diverse clients over the years.

Designing spaces, being able to dream in the finished vision and hold it until completion, being able to see the bigger picture and hone in into the smallest of details, understand composition, balance and have an instinctual knowing of what looks good or not,  is something that was gifted to me as a child, I have never had to learn this, it is something that rises up within.

I believe this skill cannot be learnt, you have it or you don’t.  When people apply to work in my company they are so confident and self assured that their “education”, design degree and so on, arms them with good taste and the skills to envision huge public spaces and be sympathetic to the restoration, refurbishment and decoration of grand listed buildings or giving a new build a great sense of arrival and  a space that holds and comforts.  Sadly this is not always the case, sometimes its an instant realisation that they are not going to make the grade.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks to realise, but when someone comes along who talks the same language exudes style I know instinctively this one is going to make the grade, and usually they do.

The only skills that one needs to learn as an interior designer is how to translate your designs digitally, anyone can learn this but this alone does not make an interior designer.

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