I find the immediacy of this genre very enticing, no preparation of grounds, no choosing brushes or mixing paints, ( I use Uart  and Colourfix sanded paper which I purchase from Jacksons), just open the box, pick out the colours and get going.  So direct, no brush between you and the painting,  Dusty, yes, hands get dry, yes, but the finished effect is is quite luscious and can be as muted or as colourful as one wants.

Sometimes when you open the box and see all the colours it can be overwhelming, so I now try to choose a colour palette before I start and select pastels that I place separately in a small tray.  I find this much easier, but I still do dip in take a few extras as I go along.

My daughter bought me some pastels for a present one year and this alerted me to their beautiful qualities , then I came across Marla Bagetta on you tube and then bought my first box of Unison pastels, followed by some Terry Ludwigs.  They are expensive just like good quality paints they are pure pigment, no fillers, just a binder to hold them all together. Like all my creative avenues this journey is still ongoing.

New vistas are opening up for me, I am moving and have the most magificent view from my art studio and garden.  Watch this space






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