Saturn’s Child – The story behind the smile


I did it at last !  My book is now in hardback, 520 pages long, 10″ x 8″ in size and for me was a momentous task .   It took me 18 months to write it and around 6 months to fnd images to insert, edit the text and and so on.  Editing was a pain and not my forte, there are still issues, even with what I thought was the final copy.  But hey ho, perhaps when I write  the volume II  I shall have learnt many lessons from  this one !

I wrote this book for my two children , all grown up now but I wanted them to know about “me”, not just the Mum they have known and loved and been angry with,  but a woman in my own right, with hopes and fears, dreams and dramas like everyone else.  Let them see I have feelings and can hurt too.  I didn’t want them to find out all about me through some other persons filtered view  when my earthly life passes, I wanted them to hear first hand from me while I am still alive and and can still answer questions that may arise.  Also a record of their ancestory too which is interesting.

The title comes from my planetary ruler, I am a Capricorn and us lovely goats have the good fortune to be ruled by a very hard task master, namely the planet Saturn.  He has bought me to my knees on many occasions, but I have always come back fighting.  When I have my sights set on something I will get there, however  long it takes me and however many setbacks I encounter, the drive is always there to see it through to the end.


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