Sewing and things – using my hands to create

in my youth making clothes was in part a necessity, didn’t see then that making my own clothes was a real skill and owning something handmade and unique was something to be valued.  I used to  by vogue patterns and mix the pieces up to get the look I wanted before cutting out the garment. The skill was passed down to me as a small child by my grandmother, whom I think I take after and could turn her hand to absolutely anything, making everything from scratch.  If she made me a dress  or coat, you could be sure my dolly had the exact same outfit.  So the first dress  made by me when I was around 9/10 years old and never looked back.  I remember it clearly, it was white crinkly material with huge red pink roses and it buttoned all down the front, all of this against the guidance my gran gave me, but I was determined to make what I wanted!

As time moved on and could afford to buy most of what I yearned for in the fashion sense this skill transferred to many things, embroidery, knitting quilting, clothes for my children and so on.  They all come in waves, I will have generally anytihng from a 3 months to one year period when the creative streak is at its peak and I am creating sometimes day and night as the ideas keep flowing.

I would like to share the treasure trove of a shop called Merchant and Mills in Rye, it was here that got me started again with making my own clothes .  They cut their own simple dress patterns and sell fabrics too.  You can shop by post but I prefer to visit and then stroll up to the High Street for welsh rarebit at the Apothecary 

sunshine mat

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