I have many sketchbooks on the go at any one time.  Not because I am a prolific sketcher, but because when the urge takes me I don’t always have the current book with me, I tend to leave them all over the place so I have a hotch potch of ideas.

Each year lately I have made a promise to myself to sketch every day, I fail miserably usually, this year its a little better because I haven’t been beating myself up over it and tell myself its ok to sketch when I can.

I use Pitt pens as the india ink ones are waterproof and they come in a variety of nib sizes.  I also use water soluble graphite by Art graf, I have the soft putty type, a piece that’s shaped liked tailors chalk and large square sticks.  I also use just plain old pencils in a variety of grades and use a paper blending stumps.  Charcoal I like using too for sketching, accompanied by loud mood altering music




family love tree

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