working with paper

Working with my hands, cutting, gluing, shaping and tearing paper, another of my creative pursuits.

This is all started with a way to express my ancestral lineage, I had a photograph of my grandmother as a baby and wanted to use it some way.  I also thought that treading a path down all the avenues of my lineage, that shoes could be away to express something.  So the two came together.  First I made a paper shoe, just out of copier paper and it made the evening standard website.  Thought I must be onto a winner so  I printed tissue paper with an image of my grandmother and other people in my lineage, spray mounted this down onto paper and off I went.  The whole project went on for quite awhile and in the end made many, many shoes.

This then turned into a huge paper roses and a myriad of flowers in all shapes and sizes, housed them in large perspex boxes and installed them in an interior project.  Trees also became a subject and sculpted three-dimensional framed artworks too.  Here is but a few


2 thoughts on “working with paper

  1. These are beautiful. Are you still doing the paper cut flower displays? Anywhere they are for sale?

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