fifty thousand and growing

Today my flickr account reached 50,ooo hits, amazing I cant believe it……….

When I first started all my images where photographic, but then my creativity took another path and the images turned to my artwork.  Its been an incredible creative journey and interesting to see how its developed over the time since I joined.

Now the the number, its seem a lot of people hitting my site, most of them and a massive  percentage are hitting my paper cut images.  Dark Night the cat woman holding aloft skulls on the candelbra with a skirt full of secrets being the most hit image of all.  Then come the images of the flowers that formed my paper cut gardens…….  incredible really never thought at the time they would be so popular.

Then of course came the shoes, I have to say of all the paper pieces I have done they are among my favourites, they were the start of a massive ancestral journey.

I love the way my 50000 turned out, used illustrator and decorative brush to paint my number, a lovely rounded number that is still growing……………