2011 a new path of creativity

Well its arrived, a new year and new decade, conjured up memories of the millenium new year, struggling to get to the embankment to watch the fireworks with a two champagne bottle backpack and a few friends.  I had just moved into my new apartment after its year long refurb and felt so full of joy and optimism .  It was a great evening.

This year I feel equally full of optimism for the coming year, saying goodbye to 2010, fully embracing 2011 is very exciting.    So many things to do, to experience, to see to enjoy.  I have written a list and it gets longer everyday.  This time I am going to print it out and put a line through each item as they are achieved……………..  I am also leaving a huge space for new thing to arise, unexpected things, new challenges, new opportunities, this is the part that for me makes my life so rewarding.

I have been spending time these last few days purchasing new paints, ordering canvases, sketching, list making and creating new images of my existing artwork and photography.