Creative sunshine

Colourful, vibrant, happy and abundant, this light fitting says it all to me.  Walking into Anthropology in Regent street, I could see this enormous chandelier suspended in space up on the first floor.  On climbing the stairs and getting nearer to it I could feel myself smiling inside.

What was it ?  Its vibrancy reached right through me, it ignited a huge smile, fun, laughter, school children playing, sunshine, music, a carefree spirit, a lightness of being, it really touched me.

Then I looked around at everyone else, were they smiling, were they filled with sunshine……………….. no, they certainly didnt look like they were .  Why?

Were they so busy and engrossed in their worlds of worry and angst, it certainly looked like it, heads down, deep in thought, laden with bags, looking burdened, hunched forward, and they were all so young.

As I get older am I staying more present, not worrying about the past or future, just enjoying each day as it comes?

Or am I just one of those people who finds wonder from there  surroundings.  I think I am the latter, life fills me with magical thoughts,  my surroundings I f ind inspiring causing my brain to ignite into creative action.

From this chandelier I have created so much in my mind, and this evening so many ideas in my virtual sketch book…………………..