another creature comes to life, no.5

This is a strange journey for me because I am totally drawn in creating these adorable figures, just finished one and straight on to the next and have so many drawings and ideas for future creatures.  However, as I am creating them I am constantly asking myself, why am I doing this? what is the reason behind making what is essentially a doll.  They enchant me, each has a personality and a soul that didn’t exist before I started making them, but as the eyes are created something pulls me in and really touches me emotionally.    Is each one displaying a facet of me?  Painting, sketching and creating on paper  and with paper has always been my passion, so to find myself manifesting in this way is a complete surprise and in some way makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, in fact some days it is so strong that I am telling myself to go back to painting, but I just cannot pull myself away.  This particular creative path right now will have a gift in it somewhere for sure, I must be doing this for a reason, so for now I shall just sit back and watch it all unfold and see where this journey takes me.

This particular doll is cloth, its arms and legs are jointed and his head is needle felted  from Welsh hill’s sheep wool.  The clothes are all hand stitched and hand knitted with vintage and found fabrics and hand dyed wool yarn.  It was a joy to make,  seeing it come to life in my hands was quite magical as it was if my little   Persian cats Lilly and Ferdy had been reincarnated.  Ferdy was a chinchilla and Lily Sealpoint,   Long gone now though, I miss them.


IMG_1521cats - lilly and ferdy 2IMG_1523

now with ears!!






He’s so cute, but he’s not the only one!


No he is not the only one, in fact I have  two little hairy monsters !! This is Ferdy, he came into my life in 1996, along with Lily, his counter part.  Having just given back two ferocious little ferrol kittens, pumpkin and ralph, back to the Celia Hammond Trust,  these little terrors  bit and hissed were off to a more suitable home on a farm,  I found myself with an empty “cat place” to fill.

So there I was ringing around for two lost little souls,  searching for two little kittens  I came across a persian breeder who was prepared to sell me two of her kittens that didnt make the “grade” so to speak, so off I went with cat basket  and son to choose these poor little second class citizens.  Sitting relaxed on the sofa with a cuppa the breeder opened the door and the cute lttle bundles of fluff entered the room, Lilly immediatly ran around along the back of the sofa and  stared at me, Ferdy was just like a chocolate box picture, his big eyes looked up and me  and was the next, I could have gone on all day like this, but only had room for two!!

I think they are just beautiful, a little odd looking after having burmese cats in the past, but I grew to love their squashed little faces.  Just recently I was having tea with a newly acquainted lady, her cat came in and it looked so deformed with its big nose!!  I mentioned to her I had two cats and showed her a photo, she looked oddly, screwed up her nose and declared “oh how ugly” !