coming up for air


its been awhile since posting here, have been in total overwhelm…….  day job taken over, new kitchen being fitted in my home, one thousand and one pressing demands just felt I have been drowning !!  I did manage to get away in between this mayhem and get total rest and sunshine with friends in Malta.  But plunged back in the deap ocean again swimming against the tide this week

Coming back up for some air !  Once this project is ready for the launch on 6th June I can breath again and get back to my creative self !!  I am lucky my day job is creative, its been such a huge part of  my life since March, very rewarding but I need to start my own path again soon. Its like there are two of me, one creating environments for people to enjoy and another feeling a little frustrated that she hasnt time to express  a new path…….  It will come, can feel it my bones !!

Here is a piece that I worked on some while back , drowning in the ocean……….(click on image for a larger view)

tangled thoughts

Not been a good week so far, my head is reeling with so many thoughts, they are all tangled together…………   work stuff, designing, grief,  deadlines, children, hospital, ex husband, sadness,  they are all in there pulsating and swirling around, my head feels like its going to explode.    Quiet my mind, sit with the thoughts and accept them……………. one by one just let them go, let them pass through and accept what is…………..  I am trying

This image I drew somewhile ago seems to conjour up this feeling.

Pencil sketch digitally layered