From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

A dear friend of mine recently posted a series of 4 video clips on Facebook “The man who planted trees”.  Lazily clicking the link, sipping tea and eating my special homemade muesli which I adore,  this lovely music swirled out form laptop and looking down  I saw an eagle soaring the heights in a soft gentle animation, just like the voice that was to follow, munching away, checking emails with one eye and the other on the you tube window I slowly began to become transfixed.  Such a beautiful story began to unfold.  With the last mouthful of tea sipped down and the last spoon of appley, nutty morning delight downed for the day, I sat somewhere more comfortable and watched avidly all four of the clips, I was enthralled, my heart felt so expanded as the tale unfolded and knew that I wanted to share with it all my friends.

Not only is this a story of great hope its a story about our connection to the earth,  the divine mother herself who continues to create abundance for us all.   She continues, even though so many are still hell-bent on destroying it………..   the old adage about we reap what we sow couldn’t be more appropriate here,  not only literally with the acorns, but taking care and attention with the small things in our lives, small acts of kindness, respect to our planet.  Using our great gifts of  intuition to sort  out which would be the best seeds for your situation, choose one for each area of our lives,  choose to smile and say good morning to people on your way to work,  tell your children that you love them ,daily;  make the decision to improve something in your daily routine that will make you feel good about yourself,   form a recycling clothes group,  pool resources with neighbours, there are so many ways that can grow us a wonderful new world,  all it takes is to continually sow new seed and to keep them watered  and weeded and a veritable forest of healthy growth will permeate our lands……. What a wonderful thought.