marmalade and inspiration


img_1477Mmmmm, you just cannot beat it, this is how I usually start my day………..  Marmalade, the orangey sweetness with a real sharp tang of juicy seville oranges, just delicous.  It needs to be spooned  over lurpak slightly salted butter  spread on really crunchy toast.  This morning whilst sipping a large steaming cup of columbian flavours, looking out of my window I began to think about the time of year, how its a beautiful clean sheet, everything wiped clean for the year ahead………  How its time to water the growing seeds within, the creative seeds, the burgeoning strengths I have here that have been left to stagnate for many years.  This year is the year they will come to the forefront of my life instead of  letting them sit within the wilderness……  My interior design business is now a more balanced part of my life, I can have both ! ……….  that is a good feeling.  My biggest seeds of all are my two very adult children whom I love dearly, but I have so much more, my new attempts at paper cutting, photography, clay sculpture, drawing and sketching in oil pastels, writing, its all so exciting.  Etsy, and new people I have met through the blog have been so inspiring to me, a big thankyou to Elsita for starting me on the road of paper, its magical.  Even think I may open an Etsy shop!!