needles and pins

these past weeks my ever enquiring creative mind has been journeying along a sewing path, in fact there are two paths running parallel.

One fairly structured, neatly folded lengths of pure grey merino wool, inky blue linen, oiled and waxed cotton, and an armful of patterns and notions.  All awaiting the alchemy that happens when scissors,  fabric, pins and sewing machine  work their magic.  All courtesy of Merchant and Mills in Rye, they have a great on-line shop but there is nothing like a visit, getting to meet the owners and feeling the cloth in one’s hand………………..


My other path of threads and fabrics has taken me along the route of  a totally hand stitched product,  repurposed fabrics, frayed edges, hand dying and embroidered embellishments, a lot of this is still in my head and sketches.  I want to create a “cloth” something that speaks about the world I inhabit internally.  A world away from machines, from the world’s hardened edges, a soft yet powerful place where the seeds of creativity are birthed.  These two ladies helped help spring this journey into life

2Judith Hill – spirit cloth


wow,  I came across these most delicisous images today, I find them so inspiring, so much so that I have already sketched the wonderful folds, curls and curves and want to incorporate them somehow into a painting, maybe  pen and ink sketch with watercolour, not sure yet………  watch this space, it will be something creative, so thanks to Klosset Blog for scanning the voque images into your blog, and thanks to Tim Walker for photographing these splendid images for Italian vogue.

See even more of them here

kathy dalwood studio blog

I came across Kathy’s inspiring blog this morning, sipping my coffee, reading emails, checking through updates etc,  as one does, croissant dunking with one hand and tapping with the other.   Wonderful creative image this, an idyllic french mademoiselle is being revealed in the cast concrete……..  an extreme hard edge material.  Her soft smooth flesh, her alluring smile, the swirling swag of her skirt, the delicate flowers…….  all so perfect.  There are many like this fully completed and more,   I recommend you  visit her site, there is much here to inspire

kathy dalwood studio blog.