I am still here

Does not look like I have been very creative for awhile does it !!  Please be assured I have been beavering away !  Apart from painting, sketching and working with paper sometimes, my day job as an interior designer has kept me extraordinarily busy of late.

Working with space and colour,  planning space to create dramatic effects, almost like stage sets, these are always playing in mind  like virtual 3D.  These past weeks the moving images of my thought processes have kind of hijacked my personal work, but I have been keeping a small “toe in” by looking on ETSY to see what others are creating.

I couldn’t resist purchasing this cute little mouse, I have fond memories of having real little white mice as pets when I just started school.  This cute little fella, all the way from Chile stands only 3″ high, and is sitting on the shelf in my newly painted dark blue bedroom.

Another find was upcycled felted wool, all naturally hand dyed and purchased from the USA, its been a little slow, but I have been piecing together a woollen quilt, my first ever ! probably be throw size I think.    Could really become addicted to quilt making, so much love goes into them and I feel this need to make one for everyone I know !!   Picture soon