another day at the beach

Feel so drawn to the sea at the moment, and yesterday it was so calm down at Normans Bay.   Seeing the waves lap gently on to the pebbles, almost like the water is swaying,  rocking, so comforting…………….  Just the the four of us, Kirsty, Yao and myself and dear sweet Pasha.   She had a sore foot from the icy weather so Kirsty ended up carrying her back to car.    We watched the skies as the sun slowly began to set, the apricot ribbon like wisps of cloud reflected in the pond like surface of the water.  Another day drawing to a close as we raced home to jacket potatoes, lashings of butter, a tasty ham, cold roast beef and a big bowl of salad…. yummy especially as it was washed down with  with  a glass of mulled wine.  Another day closing, and getting close to another year closing, so much has happened to sharpen my focus, and feel the urge to start writing it all down…………


Friday, thanks goodness its Friday, I do not know why I fee quite like this as my week only started in earnest on Wednesday due to being stranded in Malta due to Volcanic Ash.  Its been full on though, juggling budgets and working with spreadsheets……….  But tonight, it was glorious, a walk along the seashore as the sun was going down.  Normans Bay to be precise…..  images taken with my iphone.