Oh dear I have lost my tail

Up early this morning, resting on my seat with a view.  Spent the whole day working with my shoe images.  Guess unconciously I am drawn to the feet, seeing as I cannot walk far with this cumbersome ” walking plaster” boot thing.  It is very restricting, but then I guess its meant to be.  I am off to hospital after breakfast to have another xray and see if it needs putting in plaster, hoping not.  I managed to persuade them before christmas to give me the boot, they wanted to plaster, so watch this space.

Here is an image I like and this time there is no feet only mermaid tails,  original drawing executed in oil pastels, paint and pencil.  It was inspired by a dream about a mermaid and her tail fell off and could be seen floating down deep into the depths of the sea

Oh no my tail has gone?

Last night I had a dream that I remembered, you see I hardly ever remember them, once every 3 months if I am lucky, they are so illusive normally, but last nights has stayed with me for most of the day.  Partly because I wanted to capture the feeling, and two it was rather disturbing.   It started with myself as a mermaid, nothing really new I dreamt of these before but this time it was so beautiful, my tail was long and glossy and I could feel the power as I swished it around.  Everything felt smooth and silky and laying back in the water looking up at the suns ray filtering down into the blue depths I had a strange feeling, looking down I could see my tail floating away, and felt bereft………..  I was sobbing and beginning to sink and my heaart was so sad, but then I realised I had two legs, long and lean and could swish them back and forth, and then I remembered I could walk on land and felt so excited, as I broke the surface I awoke…………

oil pastel, pencil sketches, made into pattern on illustrator

The Universal Mother

Pachamamma. 2058

Every day, since the beginning of time, the earth, the wondrous mother earth has supported us. Under our feet every moment of our lives,  she is here to provide for us. The moist magical blood of the mother, the feminine energies that swell and give birth to abundance on this planet. Wonderful Pachamama.

The Divine mother comes in many guises, in Greece for example, DEMETER, mother of Persephone, tall in stature, full hipped, wide shouldered, swollen breasts always full of milk, the milky way is said to flow through her ……….  as she walks the earth flowers spring from her footprints, she is the bringer of the seasons.  

In Egypt, ISIS, she who gives birth to the heaven and earth, the Queen of the heavens, Mother of the gods, the light giver of heavens and she who knows how to make right use of the heart.

In Roman history she was known as CERES. in the Andean communities she is knows as PACHAMAMA, 

This detail is from a much larger painting in homage to her.