creative emotions

painting with colour to map our emotions, painting with emotions, colours with name such as pain, loss, fear, sad, happy, joyous, loving.

Been a lot of loss lately for me, reminders of loss, actual loss, and an anniversary of loss.  Want to paint it out of me, want to expel the indigo that is flooding through me, the purple, the deepest darkest violet………..  think I will put together a palette of emotions and just paint and see what happens, guess its the intention one puts in the task……..

This guy has a different take on emotions, his is interactive digital painting, see his  website  Sergio Albiac  Just love the colours he works with in these portraits,

Mr Kapoor’s work – just in case you don’t get to go see the Anish Kapoor exhibition

I sauntered around Anish Kapoor’s exhibition last Sunday at the Royal Academy, London, rather amazed and wowed by the colour and scale of it all.  However as the days have gone  by, and  now its Friday, I cannot seem to get the “red” out of my mind especially the huge leviathan that glides so slowly that you don’t even realise its moving………  Its blood, its pain, anger, anguish, sorrow and oh so SILENT.  Is it the pain and suffering in the world that we choose not to notice as we go about sleepwalking in our daily life.  Or is the red congealed petroleum jelly / wax/ blood  train shaped like a giant loaf of bread really our “daily bread”  is this what we are being fed by the media onslaught……..  Oh gosh I could go on with some totally over the top metaphors that would be unprintable here, my creative mind gone wild

Paper surge

So much swirls in my head, sparks fly off here and there, and feel the need to express them somehow.  Saturday afternoon, after walking, coffee and seeing off Seanpaul on the train, I really felt the urge to try and express something that really resonates with me, but in a new form, paper cutting.  I first came across this in China , when I visited many years ago, that’s another story for another day ( travels on Trans siberian railway, setting of from Moscow the day after Chenobyl disaster in April/May 1986 !)  Anyway, papercutting has always intrigued me, so I thought I would try my own version, a cross between, paper scultpture, cutting and silhouettes.  Very happy with my first attempt, although I can see there is much room for improvement!!