inspired by trees

drawing, painting, walking, reading, my spare time is taken up with these things.  My days are spend creating interiors, all good stuff, but its not freedom, a lot of constraints.  Drawing allows me to express what I sense and just lately its something about the spirit and energy that abounds when I walk in the woods.

My studio has been littered with ideas, written descriptions, and little sketches.  my first sketch I would like to capture as a tiny miniature with raised gilding and jewel like colours like a medieval illumination.  then through a series of sketches I came up with another tree spirit this time in oils and much biger.  Its not finished yet and I am sure will go through many transformative colour changes.  But here is where I am for now…………..



creative emotions

painting with colour to map our emotions, painting with emotions, colours with name such as pain, loss, fear, sad, happy, joyous, loving.

Been a lot of loss lately for me, reminders of loss, actual loss, and an anniversary of loss.  Want to paint it out of me, want to expel the indigo that is flooding through me, the purple, the deepest darkest violet………..  think I will put together a palette of emotions and just paint and see what happens, guess its the intention one puts in the task……..

This guy has a different take on emotions, his is interactive digital painting, see his  website  Sergio Albiac  Just love the colours he works with in these portraits,

Painting with words – tutorial

Sunday what a sunday, the wind is howling and the rain is coming down in sheets, so happy to b e indoors and in the warm.  From my window I can see people walking their dogs on the common, looking miserable and wet, not the dogs though they dont seem to mind.  I decided I would like to try some new painting effects with Photoshop, and here it is.

Using an image of my daughter Kirsty and her partner Yao I used a paint brush made of their names, some masks and hey presto.  Actually it was a piece of cake because I followed a tutorial on adobe !  click here to access.

I love photoshop, but there is much to learn and it does seem overwhelming at times,however playing with all the filters, paint brushes etc and making something pleasing is very satisfying.