Peaceful or asleep?

Are they at peace? asleep, or blissfully unaware………….  I am exhausted, physically exhausted and drained of every ounce of my energy.   Been packing and unpacking, putting together bookcases, tables, and trying to bring harmony to my new offices, its a slow process, but an enjoyable one.

I want to be asleep like these precious  beings, they look so peaceful but my mind is working overtime, thinking, thinking and I actually want to be asleep, blissful, restful sleep so I can awake afresh and   make the most of tomorrow.

Pencils, graphite and colour and a little imagination

tangled thoughts

Not been a good week so far, my head is reeling with so many thoughts, they are all tangled together…………   work stuff, designing, grief,  deadlines, children, hospital, ex husband, sadness,  they are all in there pulsating and swirling around, my head feels like its going to explode.    Quiet my mind, sit with the thoughts and accept them……………. one by one just let them go, let them pass through and accept what is…………..  I am trying

This image I drew somewhile ago seems to conjour up this feeling.

Pencil sketch digitally layered