Good days, dark days, some ok days

Today has been all three combined, the sun is just going down after a beautiful spring day, a GOOD day.  Designing, creating a bistro today was mixed with a real passion for expressing the feelings when first entering a room that makes one feel special, but in getting there I have been back to places that bought on my perfectionsism, a small little girl with no power, feeling helpless and  reacting within my adult self. DARK day.  It was she who felt helpless that left me with feelings of “must be in control” something I have been working on letting go.  All is well most of them time, but when it comes to getting everything in order I can somethimes get very anal about everything and become too perfectionist, this stops the “flow” and i get so frustrated.  Anyhow the days work is done, I am now at home, and getting ready to go out to cinema.  Going to see the new Tilda Swinton film, a perfect start to the weekend.  Any thoughts of perfectionism are now far from my mind.

The image is oil pastel sketch, scanned in and made into a pattern on illustrator.  its called “Plaything”