An Assemblagist – Joseph Cornell at the Royal Academy



After a long meeting today in London, I strolled down to the Royal Academy to see an exhibition  by a man who has intrigued me for a long time.   A collection from his lifetimes work, meticullously assembling series upon series of beguiling and enchanting boxes.  Boxes filled with a lifetimes worth of dreams and yearnings of a magical world.  His name JOSEPH CORNELL 1903-1972

A man who never left his country of birth, spending most of his life in the Bronx looking after his ailing mother and brother, working as a textile salesman during the day and spending his nights engrossed in his abundant  collections of ephemera, found objects, letters, old books in fact anything that would help him create these masterpieces in such detail,,,,,,,,,,, Constantly searching in dimes stores, sorting and cutting and preparing all the pieces, almost like he was “assembling” his life in boxes without actually having to live it himself.

I also read he invented  people and collected artifacts, letters, photographs to support their imaginery lives.  Each person would be stored in a manilla envelope in readiness for the day when it was there turn to be boxed.


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Mr Kapoor’s work – just in case you don’t get to go see the Anish Kapoor exhibition

I sauntered around Anish Kapoor’s exhibition last Sunday at the Royal Academy, London, rather amazed and wowed by the colour and scale of it all.  However as the days have gone  by, and  now its Friday, I cannot seem to get the “red” out of my mind especially the huge leviathan that glides so slowly that you don’t even realise its moving………  Its blood, its pain, anger, anguish, sorrow and oh so SILENT.  Is it the pain and suffering in the world that we choose not to notice as we go about sleepwalking in our daily life.  Or is the red congealed petroleum jelly / wax/ blood  train shaped like a giant loaf of bread really our “daily bread”  is this what we are being fed by the media onslaught……..  Oh gosh I could go on with some totally over the top metaphors that would be unprintable here, my creative mind gone wild

Anish Amour

Aren’t these magnificent……………….  Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy was amazing, only had my iphone to sneak a few pics, they all turned out rubbish, guess its because cameras are not allowed!  I thoroughly recommend you go visit the show before it closes in December, it really is quite something.