The colour RED – R.I.P

Have been thinking  and working with red on a current interior project, its such a beautiful creative colour, its vibrancy so energising, so uplifting and enriching.

Red is blood, its velvety rich smoothness……….. Its there when we are born, it symbolises passion, sex,  sin, pain, anger and guilt,  red with the blood of murder,  the bible says in Isiah “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow”.  We can get caught “red handed”, or visit the “red light” district.  We see red when angry,  Apparently research has born out that men find women more attractive if they are wearing red.  Its the colour of Mars, a valentines heart, a robin red breast, a red rose, its red ripe fruit oozing  syrupy juices signalling its readiness to be devoured.  We can be “red blooded” virile, powerful, unstoppable.  Its the colour of royality,  velvet and ermine cloaks, red cushioned throne.  Red was used by Alexander McQueen is his fall 2009 collection show in Paris to much aclaim, may you rest R.I.P