About change

Awoke to stillness again, the dead hush that only snow can bring……. so peacful. A wintry white blanket with snow swirling in the blustery wind. Not a day to venture out. thank goodness work is no more than 30 paces away from my front door !

So where does the change come in ! well I have been sewing, sewing a quilt, still not finished, so many squares and rectangles to sew, I am beginning to get bored of sitting at the machine. So this evening in quiet meditation practice, I just took a pencil and let it roam around the page. shapes were forming, I shaded and moulded them and hey presto this is what materialised. A complete change to sewing, just me, stillness, pencil and paper and The Mother Tree


from sun to snow

Beginning of the week was 10 degrees , blue skies and sunshine, today, Saturday, its thick white skies, flakes a fluttering and snow-capped roof tops and -1 degrees

I love the way snow seems to blanket sound, everything is quiet, like time stands still.  The colours of snow reminded me of a piece of work I made . It started life as grisaille painting, a still life of some treasured items of mine , silver and reflective.  Taking a photograph of it to study the tonal qualities I started to play with it digitally and turned it to this……………  exactly what today has conjured up for me


tablescape week 1  pattern 2 SF I call this my  snow mandala


tablescape week 1 detailthis is the original piece of work , a creative  exercise in trying to capture differing qualities of metal, stone, and shiny objects


Stillness prevails in the snow

Its been awhile since I posted, well on here anyhow, keeping three blogs going is like a chinese acrobat balancing the saucers on poles !!.

However today the snow bought with it an unexpected surprise, space, time to watch the stillness out of the window, that kind of dead sound that only snow can produce that seems to permeate everything and bring it to a standstill.  I love it and found time to phone a dear friend who I havent spoken to in along while.

Its been a strange week, everyday very full, putting a presentation together, meeting suppliers, finalising designs to place on order, getting organised for my buying trip to Amsterdam tomorrow.  The icing on this proverbial gateaux is full and thick but the cherry on the top just had to be when I pulled my left shoe from my bag and left the huge cumbersome boot and crutches behind me.

Sitting here this afternoon sipping my Paul D’arco tea, the taste of which I have now become accustomed to, I read about a tea atelier in New York called Bellocq. So I looked it up……….  such wonderful names and blends take a look here  http://www.bellocq.com/