IMG_8109It’s here at last, the first day of a new calender year, for me the year really started with the winter solstice when the sun returns but for reasons of public holidays and a working life, January 1st seems to bring up many positive thoughts and experiences.  One is something about a fresh new beginning.  It always excites me, and I start the year off with so many projects and challenges I set for myself.  I would be lying if I said I have ever achieved all of them in one year or even become close sometimes to finishing one.  But that’s ok, come the new year, I can put all that behind me, reset my intentions and start the year with renewed vigour.

this year I have taken the pledge to try the vegan lifestyle for one month.  I am becoming increasingly aware of the cruelty and torture that happens in the way our food is produced that I feel very uncomfortable eating and drinking dairy products.  Meat is something I have been eating less and less of over the years but cheese, milk, butter and eggs I didn’t really think too much about.  So now it is all change, and I feel good I have made this decision.

My next challenge is to sketch or write an entry a day in my journal.  last year I tried a sketch a day and failed miserably, more like once a month !!.  Writing is not a problem for me, I do it all the time, so when I cannot get around to a sketch of some sort I can do something.  The small pastel sketch today was a really dramatic landscaper across the fields at Alfriston.  It was one of those dark moody skies where the late sun was licking the tops of the trees making them glow with a wonderful coral orange and yellow light.

There are many more I shall not bore you with now, but here is wishing you all who read my blog a very happy New Year.

texture and pastels


Finding the pastels somewhat “flat” so experimented with adding some texture.  First I covered the offwhite UART grit paper with all shades of red and orange and yellow pastel and painted over with mat gel medium.  this created quite a thick covering that showed up all the brush marks.  When completely drying painted over the pastels, like the affect.  Will continue experimenting on the texture front and build up more layers using acrylic paint as the underpainting.




day 6 many days late

I am still taking time to be creative, but not always with colour and image making. My writing is taking up some days, spending time looking at all the books I have collected over the years and seeing if they still inspire me now.  Researching materials and storage for all the pastels, they are such a messy medium, but oh so vibrant

This paper is Sennelier pastel card, doesn’t seem to hold the layers very well.  Going to try a 400 course grit UART paper next time, have also ordered a trial pack of all the types from 250 – 800 grit

this is today’s 30 minutes of creativity