armorial amour paper shoe no. 7

Well todays effort was extremely testing of my patience……….  managed to make a heel, not as graceful as I would like but it looks good.  Shoe is made of hand printed tissue paper from my own  toile erotique collection, black paper,  together with its own coat of arms…………….  What am I going to do with them, any ideas!   these are meant to be just trials, but they are becoming very detailed and have a life all of their own…………..shoe no. 7 IMG_2750_2shoe 7.5 IMG_2752Shoe no.7.2IMG_2770shoe no.7.3.IMG_2762_2Shoe no.7.4IMG_2773_2shoe no.7 toile erotique backgroundshoe no. 7 toile etotique 2.IMG_2791

toile d’erotique v2

Toile d’erotique, blue repeating pattern, shoe ruffles, paper dress, paper scultpture, rows and rows and rows. one image repeated back to back and then flipped vertically to form this geometric pattern.  I love the way the initial image take on a totally differentt meaning.

toile erotique carolean blue copy

this detail shows how the four images are repeated to form this lozenge shape

toile erotique carolean blue detail