delving into the sketchbook

I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to sketch, the tree series that I unearthed  yesterday came from quite a large series of work which only very few did I take any further.  I remember spending a week at the Krishnamurti centre, such a tranquil place to stay, to read all his teachings, watch his talks and generally just chill.  After lunch I would take myself upstairs to my room, retrieve my sketchbook and spend hours each day putting pencil to paper………  Spent many a weekend here.  Oh and one of my cut paper trees



beachstones, eggs and now what?

I started this year with the idea of attending to my sketchbook on a daily basis.  I already write regularly into a journal, have been writing for the past 5 years, not every day “come what may”  but  a nice steady rhythm of letting go of that which no longer serves me.  Thoughts which can swirl  obsessively around are now released onto paper and sometimes real pearls of wisdom are revealed to me.  So pencil in hand on January 1st I started, or should I say tried to start………  nothing came, on subsequent days I thought I would sketch first perhaps and then write, no, this didn’t work either.  So rather than stare at a blank page I thought I would only go there when it felt right, sadly that day has not revealed itself.  So today I thought I would look through past sketch books and see if there was anything that would inspire me.

Flicking through the pages I came across this sketch, and what struck me were the  egg shape leaves or fruits struck me in this piece…………  originally started as part of my tree series, so many of these, as well as other tree fruitage like dream buds…………  all very inspiring.

Seems to me like a natural progression, stones being the holders of our ancient earth, just like trees who bear witness to our changing centuries, eggs the beginnings of the miracle of life, death and rebirth cycle just as trees bring forth, shoots, leaves flower and fruits, the wheel keeps on turning.

IMG_7236Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 13.17.04

The trees are still talking to me

my creative journey continues, the forests of trees that hold such abundance.  Somethings calls me when I walk amongst the dancing leaves, the verdant lushness, their vitality and majestic power.

A dear friend posted this beautiful poem, I had forgotten just  how beautiful these words were, a poem I had ready many times a few years back, but had faded in the mists of time…………….

Sleeping in the Forest 

I thought the earth remembered me,
she took me back so tenderly,
arranging her dark skirts, her pockets
full of lichens and seeds.
I slept as never before, a stone on the river bed,
nothing between me and the white fire of the stars
but my thoughts, and they floated light as moths
among the branches of the perfect trees.
All night I heard the small kingdoms
breathing around me, the insects,
and the birds who do their work in the darkness.
All night I rose and fell, as if in water,
grappling with a luminous doom. By morning
I had vanished at least a dozen times
into something better.

inspired by trees

drawing, painting, walking, reading, my spare time is taken up with these things.  My days are spend creating interiors, all good stuff, but its not freedom, a lot of constraints.  Drawing allows me to express what I sense and just lately its something about the spirit and energy that abounds when I walk in the woods.

My studio has been littered with ideas, written descriptions, and little sketches.  my first sketch I would like to capture as a tiny miniature with raised gilding and jewel like colours like a medieval illumination.  then through a series of sketches I came up with another tree spirit this time in oils and much biger.  Its not finished yet and I am sure will go through many transformative colour changes.  But here is where I am for now…………..



what to do next

Another day of sitting, 5 more weeks I have been told, I am so missing just stepping out and walking in nature.  It is so tantalizingly close, I can see the green of the common the skeletal trees, some with a few leaves still clinging, people walking their dogs and I am sitting down with my leg up

What to do next?  yesterday played with photoshop, today I thought I would have a go at embroidering myself something, a small purse for my special things, tomorrow, well that’s another day !!




today’s creativity

I see this as a wondrous tree spirit, both masculine and feminine, wise, loving and full of playfulness.  How did I do this?  it started of as two image, one, a picture of a very ancient tree and two, a pencil sketch that I drew yesterday of the sacred serpent entwining itself around a spirit body.  Today I played around with them digitally and had some fun, and this is the result.  My day started very early, up and awake at 5am.  Creative juices were flowing and I just had to act on them………..   you know how it is !!

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

A dear friend of mine recently posted a series of 4 video clips on Facebook “The man who planted trees”.  Lazily clicking the link, sipping tea and eating my special homemade muesli which I adore,  this lovely music swirled out form laptop and looking down  I saw an eagle soaring the heights in a soft gentle animation, just like the voice that was to follow, munching away, checking emails with one eye and the other on the you tube window I slowly began to become transfixed.  Such a beautiful story began to unfold.  With the last mouthful of tea sipped down and the last spoon of appley, nutty morning delight downed for the day, I sat somewhere more comfortable and watched avidly all four of the clips, I was enthralled, my heart felt so expanded as the tale unfolded and knew that I wanted to share with it all my friends.

Not only is this a story of great hope its a story about our connection to the earth,  the divine mother herself who continues to create abundance for us all.   She continues, even though so many are still hell-bent on destroying it………..   the old adage about we reap what we sow couldn’t be more appropriate here,  not only literally with the acorns, but taking care and attention with the small things in our lives, small acts of kindness, respect to our planet.  Using our great gifts of  intuition to sort  out which would be the best seeds for your situation, choose one for each area of our lives,  choose to smile and say good morning to people on your way to work,  tell your children that you love them ,daily;  make the decision to improve something in your daily routine that will make you feel good about yourself,   form a recycling clothes group,  pool resources with neighbours, there are so many ways that can grow us a wonderful new world,  all it takes is to continually sow new seed and to keep them watered  and weeded and a veritable forest of healthy growth will permeate our lands……. What a wonderful thought.


Ready for packing


At last………………… two hundred flowers, 3 trees and over 600 butterflies are now boxed in perspex display cases and ready to be packed in bubble wrap for their 250 mile trip north!!!!!!!  Next photos they will be in situ!!  I cannot begin to express how much joy this project has given me.


Ready for packing 3 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

abundance – paper cut / sculpture

abundance, I love that word it conjures up so much in my mind…………  picture no 3, the tree is now in the fullness of its green summer coat and the fruits of the  pollinated  flowers are beginning to grow.  Mother earth is working hard now and is in full flow……..tree-abundance-3tree-abundance-3-detail

winter tree in progress

I am starting an all white series of four tree paper cuts, the first a winter skeleton still in progress.  Think the next will have blossom, then a full show of leaves, then a showering of leaves as they shed. tree-winter-in-progress1 All 50 x 50 and in black shadow box frame.  I have also in mind of series of seeds, bean seeds, in stages of growth.  Will post more as I completewinter tree in progress 2