the flowering

Mmmm perhaps a lttle early to think about flowers…………..  they are still magical memories held in seeds, bulbs, way down in that dark soil, over wintering and so full of possibillity.  Its a good feeling knowing these wonderfully colourful plants are gathering their energy in readiness for that enormous push through the soil as the days lengthen and the sun becomes increasingly warmer.  Puts me in mind of Persephone, she has plunged down into the underworld now, but come the spring and she will burst forth bringing that spark of creation, the green and beautiful land will once again blossom.

wet on wet watercolour

Paths through the forest


working with colour, different mediums, different methods, felt very fragile when completing this.  Been a difficult week, last night just wanted to get out some paint and let it happen.  Feels in some way like a journey  the  forest, flickering shades of autumn, the sun dancing on fiery leaves.

Seems I was inspired by my early morning nature walks………now these are the real thing !   Autumn leaves are so beautiful now, deep cherry reds, corals and oranges to deep purples and pinks and yellows

Imaginery creatures

Played around in my sketchbook coming up with all manner of creatures today.  I was so amazed at the characters that appeared, they just evolved from blobs of watercolour and a graphite pencil………  Its the emotions that surprised me, each one definitely showing a unique characteristic

I am going to be using my sketchb00k to illustrate emotions, an “emotional” journey.  Today was a start, a good start thanks to Carla Sonheim and her Snowball diaries