my camera

Nikon D300I have owned this camera now for almost a year, a Nikon D300, it has bought me both extreme fun and joy!  and extreme frustration.  Bit of a love hate thing going with it.  Have taken some really nice shots, but I find just a bit too heavy to “pick up and go” and there are so many command within commands that I get totally lost with it at times………….  Studio photography is where I want to go, portraits of people, an Annie Liebovitz!! or a female Helmut Newton! But at present still trying to sort out studio space at my offices.  Using lighting in creative “moody” ways is something I want to improve on.  just at the moment though I have so many creative thoughts that I am finding it difficult to concentrate on any one thing!!!   I bought a beautiful flower to photograph over the weekend, got everything out, flash,lighting stand, umbrella, tripod, and set it all up only to find that I had taken the batteries out of the flash to use on something else, no spares!! so put it all away again!!  Now I find I have lost the flash shoe connection……aagh! See MY PHOTOS page

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